The Prime Minister of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble and a delegation he was leading today arrived in Baidoa, the current seat of Southwest State of Somalia.

The delegation, which included the Somali Minister of Justice, members of the Prime Minister’s Office, was welcomed at Baidoa’s Shati-Gaduud Airport by the President of South West, the Speaker of Parliament, ministers and members of parliament and members of the public.

Various reports are emanating from Prime Minister Roble’s visit to Baidoa, but reports indicate that the purpose is to expedite the election process and security, and he will hold meetings with leaders of the South West Administration and various sectors. Society.

Prime Minister Roble will also visit government bases in the 60th Division to assess the situation and meet with senior military officials.

Security in Baidoa has been tightened, and the presence of Prime Minister Roble, who has been in the city since his appointment, is being felt.