Somali military court declared on Thursday death and life in jail sentences for accused Al Shabaab members who allegedly carried out explosions in Mogadishu.

The court said that defendant Hassan Ali Moalim Barre was assigned to allocate the explosives-laden cars for the areas in the capital that claimed to the lives of many civilians.

The military courts added that Hassan Barre was responsible for an attack that killed 12 people and wounded seven in Wadajir District in Mogadishu on November 26, 2018.

Sayid Ali Adan, the second defendant was accused that he was in charge for Al Shabaab to bring cars bombs and explosive materials inside Mogadishu and he was expert in making IEDs.

The third defendant Muhudin Ahmed Khalif was put on trail of being part of Al Shabaab and lying to the Criminal Investigation Department – CID by telling them a fake name.

Today the first degree of the Somali Military Court finally made the decision that Hassan Barre was sentenced to death while Sayid Nur sentenced to a lifetime in jail.

For the final defendant, Muhudin Khalif was set free after the court ruled that he was not found guilty.

The court also mentioned after the sentencing, the defendants are allowed to take appeal if they satisfied with the verdict.