A member of the Somali parliament has called for the pull-out of all Kenyan soldiers from the country, accusing the KDF of vandalizing telecommunications masts on the border.

Dahir Amin Jesow, an outspoken lawmaker said Kenyan forces are helping Safaricom in the trade battle with Somalia’s telecom companies providing phone services in border areas.

The call comes as Somalia’s leading service provider, Hormud says a $1.9 million loss caused by the vandalism allegedly carried out by Kenya.

KDF was blamed for destroying Satellite dishes in Khadijo-Haji village near Bula Hawa town, telecommunication mast in Bardhere district, mast in Elbade town in Gedo, satellite dishes in Elwak, mast, and engine in Dhobley, and masts near Qoqani town.