At least four people were killed in an attack happened in Garbaharey, the capital city of Gedo region in Somalia around 11 PM on Monday.

Reports say that Al-Shabaab attacked the police station in Garbaharey, prompting to face to face fights between the government forces and militants.

Sources told Radio Shabelle that one civilian was among the casualties.

They’re also three militants who died in the counter-attack, according to the Somali Army Officials in the region.

There is no statement from Al-Shabaab militants regarding the attack and the claim of the Somali Army Officials.

On Tuesday morning, the situation in the region returned to a calm, but the Somali army continues searches in the area of the incident and other villages located on the outskirts of Garbaharey.

The region hosts both Somali National Armies along with Ethiopian troops who are not serving under African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and Al-Shabaab Militants.