Speaking during Sustainable Blue Economy Conference, co-hosted by Kenya, Canada, and Japan in Nairobi, Somali President Abdullahi Farmajo has called upon fellow African leaders to take a leading role in ending illegal fishing vessels in African waters.

The President shared challenges facing his country to overcome constant violations of Somali territorial water bodies by foreign vessels.

“ The main challenge we face in our environment include illegal fishing vessels, damping of dangerous waste and charcoal burning,” The President said.

Mr. Farmajo explained the significant strategic and economic importance of the Somali coast and his government’s plans to take advantage of the resources in the waters in the near future.

“ My government has acknowledged that the unexplored resources in my country can help end poverty, lack of electricity and shortage of water, if utilized well”

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia is among several African heads of states attending three days Blue Economy and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Conference.

The leaders at the meeting are expected to make a commitment and pledges to the blue economy concept.