Djiboutian forces serving under AMISOM deployed in Jalalqsi in the Hiiraan region have not been paid their salaries since last December last year despite the government receiving the funds from the African Union, according to Indian Ocean Newsletter.

The 6thh Battalion which relieved the 4th Battalion in December 2018 in sector 4 has not received any dues since then. The stipends which are paid by the European through the African Union amount to about $800 for each soldier.

The EU cut by 20% the stipends in February 2016 lowering the figure from $1020 to $800. Troops Contributing Countries (TCCs) governments retain 20% of the pay for administrative costs.

According to sources privy to the development at the seat of AU in Addis Ababa, the Djibouti government and high-ranking officials in the military pocket the money instead of disbursing them to the soldiers who fight alongside forces from other TCCs in Somalia.

Djibouti forces operate within sector 4 in central Somalia which covers the Hiiraan region.